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  40. 4 points submitted 2 months agoYeah man! You
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    But two weeks ago my mum said, ‘Oh yeah, your dad played for Millwall.
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  44. 9 points submitted 4 days agoI’m clearly biased but when he joined the Spurs he joined
    a contending team, but one that wasn’t a clear favorite.

    When leaving the Spurs for GS he joined a team that
    just had gone to back to back finals and he won a ring in his first year with’em.

    Not saying he wasn’t ring chasing to start with but in SA it was a different situation and people would have given him more credit if he won one with
    the Spurs while I don’t think anyone outside of GS credits him for winning with the Warriors.Dimaaaa 1 point submitted 5 days agoDoing a canoe trip or some outdoor
    activity for a couple of weeks.

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    The new season was announced in a promotional video shown during a commercial break for season seven’s second live
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  45. 153 points submitted 2 months agoMany GM cars have a
    «feature» (on newer ones I think, not entirely sure) where after you
    park, the car keeps a light on for a bit to help passengers exit
    the car at night.Trouble is, the light they chose to keep on is the reversing light.
    I heard about it but never actually realized how stupid it was until I experienced it
    firsthand a couple weeks back when walking through a
    parking garage where the light was kept on after someone had
    already left and I was waiting (I thought) for someone to reverse out of their
    space.EDIT: Never mind it apparently on not just newer models.
    I just thought that because I never heard or seen of it until
    very recently.Cryptan 36 points submitted 7 months
    agoI think the gamepad had a lot of potential.

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